What gear one should have to begin their career in wedding photography

When you talk about gears one should have alot of gear because when you buy a camera or any new lens you think you need something more and this goes on and on and on!

But for the start the essential gear one should have is the following

a full frame camera if canon then 6D and if nikon then D750.

and following lenses

  1. 24-70mm F/2.8
  2. 70-200mm F2/2.8
  3. 35mm 1.8G
  4. 85mm 1.8G
  5. 16-35mm f/2.8

the above mentioned lenses cover all the zoom ranges and are recommended essential lenses for wedding photography.

now coming to lights

  1. 1-2 flash lights
  2. strobes wireless
  3. video lights(LEDS)

and last thing you need is a tripod and a monopod.

if you add a drone into your gear that would be plus but not necessary.

Becoming a full time wedding photographer is not an easy job! you have to have alot of capital/budget its not piece of cake.

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