Winters in Hunza

Since i belong to Bahawalpur yahan to snowfall ka koi scene hi nae hai so last year in winters i planned to go to some place to see snow fall// we were 5 people i asked all of them are you interested? they said its definitely a yes . so we planned to go to nathia gali as we can reach there easily within few hours . then i called my friend whats the best route if someone wants to go to nathia gali he said ajkal wahan rush bht hai due to snow fall and i am a kind of person who likes places jahan kam say kam log hon// one of my friend said maine to ajtak hunza nae dekha mjhay hunza le chalo i said brooo?? are you mad? kahan nathia gali kahan hunza? aur wo bhi winters main? koi scene hi nae hai ..but then again nathia gali wasn’t an option.. bghair sochay smjhay we planned lets go to hunza then dekhi jaegi k kia hota hai little did i know that temperature was -18 there 😀
our first stop was Aliabad (no sign of snow till aliabad) and i was very disappointed k itna dur agaye and still no snow? ye to bht bad scene hogia… next day we decided to go to attabad lake and sost etc … the moment i left aliabad just after 10-12 kms road was covered with snow and locals told me to don’t go further its dangerous to drive on snow// ab khair ham log baithnay to nae ae thay maine ignore mara locals ko i kept moving… thori hi dair bad ek car samnay ruki hui thi and they told us k agay snow storm hai bht dangerous hai apk tyres par chains b nae lagi huin its not recommended at all but then again i thought wapis to nae jana aur winters main 90% hotels b band thay i kept moving at a speed of 5KM/h 1st gear and cannot use any breaks// out next stop was passu

let me tell you about thand there

khana gets cold kitchen say apki table k beech main
paani garam karkay peena parta hai
you mobile doesnot work if you keep it outside for a while
my laptops battery was dead (i charged it 100%)
nobody could sleep the whole night no matter what you wear(since we were not prepared for this much thand)
cannot sit in an open space thand say buri halat hojati thi

after the night stay in passu we planned to go further til khunjerab again rat ka andhera gari ki speed 5KM/h and snow fall jab we reached sost road par snow double hogai and i couldnt drive past that i thought its time to go back wapsi i was a bit confident that yes i can drive in snow i increased my speed a bit from 5 to 20 and there was a sharp turn i used hand break and my car skid and took a 360 turn , we hit the wall.. car could go towards chasm but luckily we were safe and then i promised myself i would never go north(in winters) in my life but the experience was worth it

you can walk on attabad lake cool no?

have you ever had such kind of experience?

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