What gear do i use?

I have sold and bought so many equipments given that what suits me and i have ended up with the following gear.

Lets talk about camera first.

I have cameras of all brands

Nikon,Canon and Sony.

Nikon D750

The reason for having all of three is that i like versatility.

for me i like nikon for landscapes, Canon for weddings and sony for video as it shoots 4K so it all depends on you what do you want to do in the first place.

Lenses i am using are the following

for nikon i am using

24-120mm F/4

85mm 1.8G

for Canon i am using

70-200mm F/2.8

50mm 1.8

15-30mm F/2.8 tamron

for sony i am using

10-18mm F/4

thats all for camera and lenses lets jump to other equipments.

You are done yet after buying camera and lenses you need much more.

for external lighting i am using

2 Godex Strobes wireless AD600BM.

2 locally made video lights.

2 flash lights which are handy if you cant carry strobes along.

for video shooting i have video stabilizer

Ronin M

for aerial shots i have


for travelling i use DJI OSMO

for voice overs and recording i use

Zoom device and shotgun mic.

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